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Thank you for visiting my page! I look forward to working with you to create special memories that will be captured for a lifetime! 

A little bit more about me? I'm a wife to one amazing, supportive husband, a mom of two boys, and a passionate wedding photographer.

I remember as a primary school girl how my mom always bought those yellow disposable cameras for each tour or school trip I went on. The moment I got home we had to rush off to go and develop my images from the films stuck in the camera. Over exposed, built in flash, low quality, but the best memories still today. 

After the passing of my dear mom, my biggest fan, I gave up photography and fine art. 

A few years later, planning my own wedding, I realised how little photo’s I have of her. My love for photography sparked again.

Now, more than ever, I am determined to capture the best memories of my own family, your family and every special moment in both of our lives.

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Bianca Franz